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Individual proficiency has been the byword and the cause for the great successes and achievements of the 745th Tank Battalion. Each and every man may personally feel that he has contributed his share - - and more - -to the attainment of Victory. Supporting the First Infantry Division, the men of this Battalion have given their undivided cooperation, their incomparable courage, their blood, to make this team of tanks and infantry one to stand alone in the annals of military accomplishments in Europe. The untiring devotion to duty displayed by every man in the unit has been responsible for the sustained mobility and aggressiveness essential to the winning of battles. You have won your battles - - all of them - -whether you fought through thick and thin, mud and rain, or cold and snow. Over all types of terrain and through every type of obstacle the German could devise, you have fought and you have won.

This history is an enviable one. No other tank battalion in the United States Army can equal it. As Battalion Commander, I am proud to share the glory with you, the soldiers, who fought so valiantly to make such glory possible.

Lieutenant Colonel.

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