SHIELD: Blanche, a mullet or one point to chief, superimposed upon a square vert, all circumscribed by a circle noir, sept segment, subtended by fleche d'or curvee pointing to a "V" rouge at base.

CREST: Three red, jagged streaks of lightning.

MOTTO: Our Tracks Lead To Victory.


The 745th Tank Battalion (M) was constituted and ordered to be made active at Camp Rucker, Alabama, pursuant to letter, 322,171/1 (745th Tk Bn) GNOPN (4-30-42), dated 3 May 1942. This letter was amended to make the unit active at Camp Bowie, Texas, where it was made active 15 August 1942. The Battalion was reorganized under T/O 17-85, dated 23 June 1942 (1st Indorsement from Fort Knox, Kentucky, dated 1 September 1942).

The green and white are the colors of the Armored Force. The seven black segments of the circle represent tracks and the figure "7" of 745; the arrows pointing to the red "V", which stands for Victory, indicate the motto, "Our Tracks Lead To Victory". The letter "V" also stands for the code name "Villain" which was given the Battalion during combat in the European Theater of Operations. The square represents the "4" in 745, and the star denotes the State of activation, Texas, as well as representing the figure "5" in 745.


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