XVI. Occupation

After spending almost a month guarding and processing the German prisoners at the camp near Cheb (Eger), the Battalion moved on June 7 to the ancient, storied town of Rothenburg on the Tauber, where the varied duties of military occupation were undertaken. The 165-mile move was made on the summer's hottest day, the blistering sun and blinding dust making the trip far from being enjoyable.

Rothenburg, located 60 miles west of devastated Nurnberg, has for many years been a mecca for tourists from all over the world. Noted as Germany's oldest town, Rothenburg is the embodiment of all the ledgermain and fables which have come down through the centuries from Germany. And here the Battalion set up headquarters and guard posts, and began its occupational duties for an undetermined length of time.

XVII. Conclusion

The combat history of the 745th Tank Battalion has been a glorious one. It has met and conquered the best that the German army had to offer. Working in small units, usually of platoon strength, it has done nothing to attract world-wide renown. Yet, the tanks of the 745th has supported the best infantry division in the world in some of the roughest fighting in Europe. The tanks of the 745th and the doughboys of the First Infantry Division have developed a close-knit spirit of tank-infantry cooperation that has been superb- -a spirit that has paid off in results.

The Battalion has made its sacrifices and suffered its casualties. It has paid a price in blood. Yet, for every casualty suffered by the 745th, the enemy has suffered at least ten-fold. The undying spirit and the unflinching devotion to duty displayed by these tankers under the most adverse circumstances has enabled the Battalion proudly to display its motto, "Our Tracks Lead to Victory".

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