XV. Czechoslovakia

On April 24 the entire battalion moved from the Harz Mountain sector to several villages west and northwest of Eisleben for a period of rest and maintenance. The period lasted for only four days, however, and on April 29 the Battalion moved 120-140 miles to the southeast with the First Division as it relieved the 97th Infantry Division in its positions generally along the German-Czechoslovakian border. In fact, most of the combat elements of the. battalion were inside Czechoslovakia, and Company "C" had its CP in Asch, just over the border.

Although the assigned mission was to hold, the aggressive First Division turned to the attack on the first of May and kept edging forward until given orders to hold on May 6--two days before hostilities were to cease. The farthest penetration into Czechoslovakia was made by Company "D" which contacted Russian forces at Karlsbad.

Following the cessation of hostilities, the battalion took up the task of guarding more than 80,000 prisoners who wound up in the First Division PW cages.

Other than guarding prisoners, the chief interest of members of the Battalion became the complex problem of counting points under the army's new redeployment system - - and sweating out the Pacific. The European phase of the war was over, and members of the Battalion were eager to learn what the future held in store.

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