XIII. The Ruhr Pocket

On March 25 Company "B" concentrated on clearing the town of Uckerath, through which the 3rd Armored Division directed its drive to break out of the bridgehead. The breakthrough was a masterpiece, and within two weeks the powerful armor had swept eastward beyond the confines of the Sieg River to pivot north and pocket the entire Ruhr valley. On Easter Sunday, April 1, the 3rd Armored linked up with elements of the American Ninth Army near Paderborn, and the Ruhr was lost to Germany.

The job of the 745th was to support the First Division in mopping up the pockets of resistance which had been by-passed by the fast moving 3rd Armored. Moving rapidly to Altenkirchen, skirting Siegen, and then wheeling north, the Battalion went into position south of Paderborn near Buren, where several attempts by the enemy to break out of the trap were thoroughly repulsed.

* * *

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