IV. The Falaise Pocket

Moving north from Mayenne to close the right jaw of the pincers, the Battalion encountered stiff enemy resistance at Bagnoles de l'Orne and in the Bagnoles Woods before reaching La Ferte Mace. This sudden swing northward played a major role in creating the Falaise Pocket in which the fighting strength of the German 7th Army virtually was eliminated. Americans pushing north from Argentan, and Canadians pushing south from Falaise formed the ever-narrowing bottleneck through which the battered remnants of the German Army ran the gamut of incessant artillery and aerial bombardments. The aggressiveness displayed by Company "C", which was attached for a short time to the 47th Regiment of the 9th Infantry Division and attacked to Briouze, establishing physical contact with the British, aided greatly in the early reduction of the pocket.

The closing of the Falaise Gap and the subsequent mopping up within the pocket put an end to major organized resistance by the enemy in Northern France. The German 7th Army was annihilated, the battle of pursuit was on, and the broken, fleeing enemy stumbled into Allied troops wherever he turned. The Germans turned east to try to get back to the Siegfried Line, and the 745th turned east also, with Germany as its goal.

* * *

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