Battlefield Commissions

Battlefield Commissions

(Left to right) Front Row: Lt. Spencer, Lt. Shapiro, Lt. Lefeber, Lt. Kelly, Second Row: Lt. Watlington, Lt. Resnick, Lt. Howard, Lt. Raddatz.

Displaying the superior quality of the men in the 745th Tank Battalion, eleven enlisted men rose to commissioned ranks during the eleven months of combat in Europe by receiving battlefield appointments as second lieutenants. Each man had proven his ability as a leader under fire as a non-commissioned officer or warrant officer. Six of the eleven received promotions to first lieutenant while still in combat.

We salute the eleven members of the battalion who have fought the war in both the enlisted and commissioned ranks -- and made good at both.

They are:

1st Lt. James H. WatlingtonService Company
1st Lt. Warren A. RaddatzHeadquarters Company
1st Lt. John A. HowardHeadquarters Company
1st Lt. Allen G. SpencerCompany "A"
1st Lt. James W. SullivanCompany "A"
1st Lt. John LefeberCompany "D"
2nd Lt. Joseph F. KellyCompany "A"
2nd Lt. LeRoy F. RheinbergerCompany "A"
2nd Lt. William V. Resnick, Jr.Company "B"
2nd Lt. Harold R. FitzgeraldCompany "C"
2nd Lt. Merrill ShapiroCompany "B"
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