To those members of the battalion who gave their
lives for their country, we humbly pay our tribute.

DAVIS, JEFFERSON F., Jr.1st Lieutenant "B" Co.
DAY, JOHN J., Jr. 1st Lieutenant "B" Co.
GRIFFIN, DANIEL P. 1st Lieutenant "C" CO.
PEGG, THOMAS E. 1st Lieutenant "A" Co.
YAKISH, ELMER K. 2nd Lieutenant "A" Co.
Angelica, RichardPrivate First Cl. "A" Co.
Avelis, Joseph P. Corporal "C" Co.
Bailes, Butler O. Private "C" Co.
Ballard, Henry L. Private First Cl. "B" Co.
Beachler, Ray Sergeant "B" Co.
Bell, Christopher R. Corporal "A" Co.
Berg, Harry A., Jr. Corporal "C" Co.
Bettin, Henry A. Corporal "B" Co.
Borta, Edward P., Jr. Corporal "A" Co.
Brabmstedt, Arthur G. Technician Gr 4 "C" Co.
Broadman, Alfred F. Private "B" Co.
Brown, Donald E. Private "A" Co.
Brown, Richard W. Private First Cl. "C" Co.
Browne, Richard J. Private "A" Co.
Brycsak, Stephen Private First Cl. "B" Co.
Buoncontri, Pasquale J. Private First Cl. "C" Co.
Chiapetta, Fredy P. Sergeant Hq. Co.
Clifford, Francis W. Private Hq. Co.
Connell, James P. Private First Cl. "A" CO.
Copenhaver, Wayne O. Private "A" Co.
Crittenberger, Townsend W. Corporal "C" Co.
Curlee, Charles W. Technician Gr 5 "B" Co.
Decker, James C. Private First Cf. "B" Co.
Dent, Virgil B., Jr. Private "A" Co.
Dirks, Raymond T. Private Hq. Co.
Donoghue, Charles N. Sergeant "B" Co.
DuMolin, Frank J. Corporal "A" Co.
Fleenor, Ivan Sergeant "C" Co.
Foster, Donald B. Corporal "B" Co.
Fresso, James V. Private "D" Co.
Gawron, Bruno J. Corporal "C" Co.
Gill, Orion P. Corporal "B" Co.
Guhrke. Clarence F. Private First Cl. "C" Co.
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