History of the 745th Tank Battalion

Maj. Miles R. Patterson Executive Officer

Maj. Miles R. Patterson

Executive Officer

Maj. Howell H. Heard S-3

Maj. Howell H. Heard


Maj. Miles R. Patterson has been a member of the 745th Tank Battalion since August of 1942 when the battalion was activated from a cadre of the 191st Tank Battalion. Maj. Patterson has served as Battalion motor officer, S-3 and executive officer.

A graduate and football star of Western Maryland College where he graduated in 1935, Maj. Patterson lived near Monkton, Md., where he operated a farm. He entered federal service as a reserve officer in December of 1940, being with the Second Armored Division for one year before being transferred to the 191st Tank Battalion. He attained the rank of major in May of 1944 while the Battalion was stationed in England.

Maj. Howell H. Heard has served the 745th Tank Battalion as company commander, S-3 Air, S-3 and executive officer, joining the battalion upon its activation in August of 1942. Before becoming a member of the 745th, Maj. Heard was with the 191st Tank Battalion.

An attorney in Monroe, La., in civilian life, Maj. Heard is a graduate of Louisiana State University. He entered the federal service on February 10, 1942, as a first lieutenant, being promoted to captain in May of 1942 and attaining his present rank in May of 1943.

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