Company "D"

Company D Officers


(Left to Right) Capt. Chirigotis, Lt. Lee, Lt. Howenstine, Lt. Lefeber.

Company D Headquarters Platoon

Headquarters Platoon

(Left to Right) Front: Lt. Howenstine, Capt. Chirigotis, 1st Sgt. Goodwin, T/Sgt. Duggan.
1st Row: Pvt. Hunt, T/4 Nau, Pvt. Cucinatta, Sgt. Zemlin, Cpl. Hays, Pvt. Bizon, T/5 Williams, F., S/Sgt. Facteau, Pfc. Boase, Sgt. Anderson.
2nd Row: Pfc. Bledsoe, T/4 Krebbs, Pfc. Foster, T/4 Dombach, T/4 Hesse, Sgt. Dempsey, T/5 Burk, T/5 Schmuck, Pvt. Doyle, Cpl. Cantlett.
3rd Row: Pvt. Cienkus, Pvt. Smalley, T/5 Sprague, Pvt. O'Connor, Pvt. Gottschalk, S/Sgt. Coleman, T/4 Brosius, Cpl. Pixley.

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