Company "C"

Company C Officers


(Left to Right) Lt. English, Lt. Fitzpatrick, Lt. Novak, Lt. Fitzgerald, Lt. Hoover, Lt. Barnes.

Company C Headquarters Platoon

Headquarters Platoon

(Left to Right) 1st Row: 1st Sgt. Yeatts, Lt. English, Lt. Fitzpatrick, Lt. Barnes, T/Sgt. Seipp. 2nd Row: T/4 Szydlowski, Sgt. Weiss, T/4 Weidner, T/5 Vierck, Pfc. Murillo, Cpl. Ward, Pfc. Mysko, Pfc. Boudreau, Pvt. Biron, Pvt. Murray, Cpl. Sherwin, Pvt. Hanberry. 3rd Row: T/5 Wilson, Pfc. Rakowski, T/5 Love, Pvt. Webster, Pfc. Howard, T/4 Constable, Pfc. Fernandes, Pvt. Peretz, Pvt. Morales, T/5 Hendrickson. 4th Row: T/5 Sinn, T/5 Schreiber, Sgt. Brane, Pfc. Hinkle, Sgt. Martin, T/4 Dillenburg, Pvt. Saldana, Pfc. Simmons, T/4 Knopf, S/Sgt. Bogas, Sgt. Swern.

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