Company "B"

Company B Officers


(Left to Right) Lt. Shapiro, Lt. Carlton, Lt. Pedigo, Capt. Wardner, Lt. Quinn, Lt. Resnick.

Company B Headquarters Platoon
Headquarters Platoon
(Left to Right) Front: Lt. Pedigo, Capt. Wardner, Lt. Quinn. 1st Row: 1st Sgt. McGrath, T/5 Kostial, T/4 Masulatis, T/5 Tiernan, Pfc. Gersbach, Cpl. Auger, Pfc. McCartle, T/4 Manna, Pfc. Pendola, Pfc. Johnson, T/Sgt. Lastowski, T/4 Dellutri, T/4 Morin. 2nd Row: S/Sgt. Frederick, T/4 Cakebread, Pfc. Cederburg, Pfc. Adelphio, T/5 Walworth, Sgt. Hajek, Sgt. Miller, T/4 Kibart, T/5 Eifert, Pfc. Yager, Sgt. Konken, Sgt. Buck, Pfc. Sliwa, T/4 Cory. 3rd Row: T/4 Knize, T/4 Bloomstein, Cpl. Purcell, Pfc. Perley, Pfc. Carbough, Pfc. Roe, Cpl. Watkins, Pfc. Ditola, T/5 McDermott, Cpl. Bollinger, Pfc. Berwin, Pfc. Leming, T/5 Feller, T/5 Barr, S/Sgt. Wegrzyn.
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