Company "A"

Company A Officers


(Left to Right) 1st Row: Lt. Russell, Capt. Carroll, Lt. Moody. 2nd Row: Lt. Spencer, Lt. Viggiano, Lt. Kelly.

Company A Headquarters Platoon

Headquarters Platoon

(Left to Right) 1st Row: T/4 Wargo, T/4 Thayer, T/4 Greco, T/Sgt. Baccielo, T/Sgt. Schadt, Lt. Russell, Capt. Carroll, 1/Sgt. Zeig, S/Sgt. Wellman, Cpl. Crockett, Pfc. Messina, Cpl. Stefanski, Cpl. Atkins. 2nd Row: Pfc. Weber, Pvt. Bushong, Pfc. Yott, Pvt. Lambacher, T/5 Myers, Pfc. Scolastico, Pfc. Martin, Pfc. Adesso, Pvt. Young, Pvt. Nance, Pfc. Hartman, T/S Volatile. 3rd Row: T/5 Teichner, Pvt. Logisz, Pfc. Ankrom, Sgt. Williams, T/4 Lynd, Pvt. Patterson, T/4 Wells, Pvt. Moon, Pvt. Wilkenfeld, Pvt. Bennett, T/5 Strohacker, Pfc. Hall, Pfc. Smith.

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