Allen G. "Bud" Spencer

Subject: 745th Tank Bn History

Thanks for your reply to my June 10th E Mail. I thought maybe I could make a copy of our History from your Web site, but I could only do it one page at a time . I don't know much about computers, so there is probably something I could do to give the computer one command to print the whole document, but I don't know what it is. I personally don't need it, but if I refer it to others I would like to know what I'm doing.

In May 1973 we made copies of our History, of which we have none left! I am enclosing copies of the pages that were added to the original:

Sometime later we changed out name from "745th Tankers" to "745th Tank Battalion Association". As an Association we disbanded after our 1999 Reunion. We had a total of 16 reunions. The main speaker at our final reunion, Scott Sullivan was killed in Kosovo a few years later. Quite a loss!

I 've enclosed a copy of our last Newsletter. Wanted to send a copy of the program for the last reunion, but couldn't find one. Probably went to the Museum with a lot of other stuff.

Hope what I've sent to you has been of some value. Again, my thanks to you for putting our History on the Internet.

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