ment, serving with distinction. Many of those who returned to civilian life served fellow man by countless hours of selfless labor going into such things as their church activities, Boy Scouts, Little League, etc.

Attempts were made to have get-togethers of the old bunch such as those held in the New York City area and ones held at John Howard's home in a Chicago suburb. Out of this latter came the first reunion of the 745th which was held 27 May, 1950 at the Midland Hotel in Chicago.

On 1956 a group from Company "A" met and explored the idea of trying to get a mailing list together and to determine if there was a desire for a reunion and for an "alumni" organization. The result of this was a tremendous reunion held on 1 June, 1957, at the Sherman House in Chicago where in meeting assembled a Constitution and By-Laws was adopted and a name chosen --

745th Tankers Association

The 1957 reunion has been the biggest one to date with 304 persons in attendance, including wives.

The next reunion was held on 3 June, 1961 at McCormick Place in Chicago with the "overnighters" staying at the Conrad Hilton. The total served at this reunion was225.

The Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago was the scene of the 29 May, 1965, Reunion where 204 were served. This marked the beginning of many coming in on Friday to have the benefit of an extra day of meeting with old comrades. The day following the reunion was Memorial Day so a "pilgrimage" was made to nearby Wheaton, Illinois, to visit the 1st Division Memorial at Cantigny. The 745th came prepared with paint and decals and painted the 745th insigne on the tanks there. A nearby military school was holding a formal parade and Col. Nichols was invited to be the reviewing officer, and also to place a wreath on the grave of Col. McCormick. It was a beautiful day and a fitting ceremony.

On 14 October, 1967, the Bismarck Hotel in Chicago served as the place for the reunion which saw 233 served dinner (129 men and 104 wives and guests). A special attempt was made to get more people to stay two nights and to that extent a reception was held the evening before the dinner-dance. It was well attended and has been determined to follow that procedure in the future. The following day saw a trip to Cantigny where a placque was presented, installed, and dedicated. The rain that day was much like we had during combat! This reunion brought two men from the 1st Bn., 63d Armor -- Sgt. Major Carlson and Spec 4 Runnels.

The Bismarck was again selected for the reunion on 17 October, 1970. The two day bit was catching on and a large crowd was in attendance at the reception on Friday evening. Over 50 rooms were occupied for the two nights! 80 were in attendance at the Saturday afternoon business meeting where it was voted to promote a 745th Battlefield Tour. Dinner had 116 of our men and 100 wives and guests in attendance.

The next reunion will be October 20, 1973 at the Drake Oakbrook, Oakbrook, Illinois (a Chicago suburb). The smart ones will be there on the 19th.

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