Excerpt from General Orders No. 203, HQ 1st U. S. Infantry Division dated 18 December, 1945:


Under the provisions of Sec. IV, AR 600-45, War Department 22 September, 1943, the 1st U. S. Infantry Division and the following attached units:

745th Tank Battalion

Operating under the high command of the VII Corps and, after, the V Corps of the United States Army, are cited twice to the Order of the Day of the Belgian Army with the awarding of the Fourragere, 1940, for outstanding performance of duty in action. The citation is as follows:

1. "From the 3rd to the 5th of September, 1944, the Division and the attached units in the area of Mons, under heavy pressure, destroyed an enemy pocket, including approximately 9000 men of the 348th Infantry Division, of the 18th German Army Air Force and the 6th Airborne Division, that retreated from France. During this operation the 1st Infantry Division of the United States Army and the attached units succeeded after valiant efforts, to capture more than 5000 prisoners, causing 4000 losses to the enemy and captured or destroyed beyond 1500 vehicles and 40 tanks. The division captured also the commanding officer of the 6th German Airborne Division."

2. "The Division fought against the enemy in the northern flank of the German counter offensive in the Ardennes in the area of Eupen­Malmedy. These counter attacks were launched by the enemy on the 28th and 30th of December, 1944, but they were repulsed after heavy combats. This action prevented the expansion of the critical break-through. Independently of the strenuous defense, a strong base was established that formed later on the pivot of the attacks against western penetrations of the enemy. After the enemy counter attacks were efficiently stopped, the 1st Infantry Division of the United States and the attached units pushed forward to reduce the pockets and throw the enemy out of Belgian territory."


20 November, 1945

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